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Thanks for joining LGV Real OPS 2014! 53 traffic online tonight. http://t.co/T7gYTF4KMz
25 days ago reply

LGV Real OPS event 2014 today! Start from 12:00-17L00 UTC, feel free to fly inbound/ outbound CGK/ Soekarno Hatta. http://t.co/9SroVbkAD6
26 days ago reply

Executive has appointed Fred Jan Alfonso (ID-DIR) & Danang Pariadji (ID-TC) as IVAO Supervisor from Indonesia division. Congratulation!
30 days ago reply

We would like to announce about our divisional tour for 2014 has been released. For details on division forum
63 days ago reply

We are very happy to announce our new Membership Assistant Coordinator (ID-MAC) Yusuf Budi. Congratulation and happy duty!
63 days ago reply

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IVAO is a dedicated, independent, free of charge, service to enthusiasts and individuals enjoying and participating in the flight simulation community worldwide.

You will find the IVAO Indonesia website full of resources to make your online flying or controlling enjoyable. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our staff via the forum or e-mail.

We welcome members with all levels of experience in aviation, from the seasoned pilot/controller to the desktop enthusiast. We provide comprehensive training to members on request.

If you are new to IVAO and require assistance registering or getting online please browse to our new members section.

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Congratulations to Afif Sugiyanto Putro (PP), Jacky Wan (PP) !

IVAO HQ Visit Southeast Asia 2014


The biggest Asia event of the year has arrived! IVAO International held the biggest event for the divisions in Asia on May 4th, 2014 from 12:00-18:00 UTC.

IVAO Supervisor


Executive has appointed this following Indonesia staff as one of the new IVAO Supervisor : Fred Jan Alfonso (381571) ID-DIR, ID-EC Danang Pariadji (289358) ID-TC Congratulation and good luck with the SUP role!

Lion Group Virtual Event


Lion Group Virtual will held the 2nd Anniversary Event in March 2014. Details information available at forum and VA website.

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